Complete Network Design & Installation

We work with our customers to install and/or upgrade their computer networks...

  • Server design & installation using Microsoft & Novell systems.
  • Workstation setup & deployment.
  • Shared resources installation - printers, FAXes & copiers, etc.
  • Internet connectivity & firewall protection installation.
  • Data backup & disaster recovery planning.
  • Software deployment & standardization.
  • Internal & Internet accessible email systems.
  • Remote access: VPN, terminal services or remote control.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware software installation.
  • Database installation & maintenance.
  • Mainframe & legacy system integration.
  • Help desk & user training and support.
  • Wireless networking and security configuration.

Troubleshooting & Repairs

We provide quick response to our customers when their systems fail or slow down to minimize the impact on their businesses...

  • Experienced consultants with over 20 years in experience who can quickly locate and fix the problem(s).
  • Customers get the same, dedicated team of consultants each time they need on-site support for better customer service.
  • Service contracts are available for guaranteed response time.

Systems Management

Our customers rely on e-Tech to provide on-going support and management of their computer systems...

  • We provide on-going server and workstation management to help keep systems running at their very best and to avoid costly down time.
  • Installation of management software that aids IT staff monitoring of critical systems for better problem identification and resolution.
  • Remote management for quicker response to issues and problems and system maintenance that is transparent to users.